"To live would be an awfully big adventure" 

Hook (1991)
Sunday Oct 12 @ 12:33pm
Sunday Oct 12 @ 12:26pm


What she says: "I’m fine"

What she means: "Those two candles I said that we have, they’re not actually in our store. They’re in an ‘off-site store.’"

Tuesday Oct 7 @ 09:24pm

Man of Our Times

Monday Oct 6 @ 01:52pm
I finally got my record player rolling again. This album means more to me than life.

I finally got my record player rolling again. This album means more to me than life.

Sunday Oct 5 @ 12:46am

30 minutes until the new Genesis documentary premieres on BBC 2. I fan boy over few things, and this is one of them.

Saturday Oct 4 @ 03:50pm





holy shit cows are huge

And apparently very cuddly

I can verify cows are both and they lick like giant slobbery cats. 

I grew up on a farm, my first pet was a cow. 

She was called Princess, and she was so excited to see me, she would follow me around, she waited by the fence for me to come home from school.

They can be incredibly affectionate and they’re smarter than people think.

This brings me back to my county fair days showing cattle. My cow Evie was one cuddly son of a bitch.

Saturday Oct 4 @ 09:41am
Thursday Oct 2 @ 08:14am


I’m releasing my graduation film out into the wild internet.

Hilarious and beautifully animated. I know this guy!

Tuesday Sep 30 @ 12:17pm

Friday Sep 26 @ 06:00pm





White men are never taught self hate

Because they’re the ones teaching everyone else self-hate.

Really? Because I’m a white male who hates himself

Good I hate you too

For a website determined to combat racism, the users are pretty quick to generalize.

Thursday Sep 25 @ 08:30pm

Sunday Sep 21 @ 07:34pm
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"I can’t take this kind of pressure

I must confess one more dusty road

Would be just a road too long”

Saturday Sep 20 @ 03:40pm

Kissy birdie kiss kiss

Friday Sep 19 @ 10:56am
Friday Sep 19 @ 09:50am

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